Freshening up the site

I was getting tired of the old theme I had installed, and went back to the stock BlogEngine theme. Made the site a lot cleaner! Also, I cleaned up the descriptions of the posts a bit so it's easier to navigate the home page. Maybe now that the site doesn't look like crap, I'll write more posts! ;-) [More]

Automated download and installation of Visual Studio Extensions via Powershell

While working on building a Packer/Vagrant Dev VM template, I needed the ability to download and install VSIX packages from the Visual Studio Gallery. I wanted something that would always download the latest version and install it automatically. After looking at some undocumented API's and having no success, I decided to go with web page scraping. [More]

Loading additional ISO's within

So, while building some dev VM's, I needed to be able to install Visual Studio into some Vagrant base images using Packer. No one had a method to dynamically add an ISO during the provisioning process, so I thought, why not add another virtual DVD drive during the VM creation process? [More]

Kreyos Meteor – The (not-so) ONLY watch with (NO) Voice & Gesture Control! – Android Review

When I received a knock at my door yesterday, I was shocked to see my mail lady asking for me to sign for a package from Singapore. Could it be? Yup, the Kreyos Meteor I had backed on July 15, 2013 had finally arrived. They say that things get better with age…and as all backers of the Meteor know…we’ve been waiting ages for this watch. [More]

TFS Chat Extension Chrome Plugin

A while back, I wrote about a TamperMonkey script I wrote that added pop-up notifications to TFS Team Chat. While that was a nice feature, I just couldn’t leave it there. So I incorporated it into an extension. [More]

Debugging print preview in Chrome

Every web developer has had to deal with this. Open up the print stylesheet…make some tweaks…open browser…open print preview…close print preview…make more tweaks…open print preview…etc. And yeah yeah yeah…there is a way to emulate the print css in the browser, but that doesn’t do squat when trying to adjust content to fit the width of whatever page standard you’re supporting (letter/A4/etc.)

Well, here’s a bit of a shortcut for at least the closing/opening of print preview. [More]

AngularJS templates with the benefits of Razor

While talking with co-workers about some AngularJS code we wrote to use in an MVC project, we wanted to have the benefits of server side processing in our templates. Typically, AngularJS templates are static .html pages...but I'm going to blow your mind...and show you a slick way to utilize Razor views as your templates. [More]


This site was created to post the random crap I come across as a .NET developer.  It may contai [More]