TFS Chat Extension Chrome Plugin

A while back, I wrote about a TamperMonkey script I wrote that added pop-up notifications to TFS Team Chat.  While that was a nice feature, I just couldn’t leave it there.  So I incorporated it into an extension.

TFS Chat Extensions

Some features I've added to the original script:
  • Popup notifications for messages
  • Image embedding (jpg/png) by simply pasting the url
  • Animated GIF support (disabled by default)
  • Code Syntax Highlighting (using markdown's ``` var i = 0; ``` syntax)
  • YouTube embedding
  • Changeset referencing (by using #cxxxx syntax, where xxxx is the changeset number. i.e. #c1234 will change into a link stating "Changeset 1234" that will take you directly to the changeset info page)

If you have the original TamperMonkey script installed, uninstall it before installing this plugin.

Let me know how you like it!  If you have any suggestions for new features, you can pass them along, or you can contribute to the open-source Github project!