About Me


Hi.  My name is Joe Coutcher, and if you couldn't tell by the name of my site, I'm a .NET developer.

I’ve been writing software since I was 4 years old.  Started out on a Commodore VIC-20 (the wonder computer of the 1980’s), and ventured into the land of GWBASIC/QBASIC once we got our first x86 system.  I started learning C++ and assembly at age 10, then moved into CGI and Classic ASP programming in high school.

I was just starting out in college when the .NET Framework was introduced, and thanks to my university offering VisualStudio.NET Student Edition for $30, I started playing around with it.  I was immediately hooked.  And years down the road, once .NET Core came out, I fell in love all over again!

My usual go-to development stack/libraries when producing ASP.NET projects are the following:

  • .NET Core 5/ASP.NET Core
  • Angular 12/Typescript
  • Node/Express for simple apps/hackathons
  • Probably a lot more, but my brain is fried as I type this.  Long day.  :-)

In addition to .NET and web development, I’m decent with PHP, XML/XSLT/XSL-FO, Java, C++ and some Assembly.  I’ve also dabbled in Python and Prolog.

As for open source projects I’ve worked on:

  • NCrontab.Advanced - a re-write of the NCrontab library with additional features (and backwards compatibility)
  • Hangfire.RecurringDateTime - a plugin for Hangfire that allows you to specify start/end dates in addition to using cron strings to schedule jobs
  • steel-battalion-net - A LibUSB library for reading signals from a Steel Battalion controller on NetFX (on 64-bit Windows)
  • usg-scripts - A set of vbash scripts for use on the Unifi Security Gateway
  • I help out occasionally on projects from DynamicTyped
  • Wrote a plug-in for TrueSpace for exporting models in the Ogre 3D Rendering Engine format
  • Initiated pull requests on a few libraries here and there

Outside of web development, I'm also an experienced podcast producer: