Cloning a Windows 10 installation across disk technologies

Since my existing Windows installation was sat up exactly how I liked it, I wanted to clone it to my new drives. This proved a bit difficult...especially with switching from USB to m.2...and using GPT partitions with I'm going to outline the steps I used in case it helps someone else. [More]

Controlling unsupported devices via XBox One

The XBox One has a very useful feature that will turn on all your devices when it's starting up. Unfortunately, Microsoft has been SLOOOOOW on adding new devices. Imagine my surprise when I tried configuring my Pyle projector, and none of the remote codes worked. Well, here's a nerdy way to get around it! [More]

Running DNX/Kestrel via a Launch Daemon on OSX

While .NET Core is meant to help .NET developers implement cross-platform solutions, there's not a whole lot of documentation about how to get your ASP.NET Core websites up and running as a daemon service. This article hopes to change that. [More]

NCrontab Advanced

The goal of the project is to support the original features of NCrontab, as well as the additional features from the cron wiki page, and various cron formats. [More]

TFS Chat Extensions - Version 1.1.3

So, it's been over a year since I've done anything with the TFS Chat Extensions...mainly because we no longer use it at work When I logged into my Google Developer Dashboard, I noticed how many people use the plugin (over 300 installs), so I figured it was time to add some requested features, and fix some glaring issues. [More]