TFS Chat Extensions - Version 1.1.3

So, it's been over a year since I've done anything with the TFS Chat Extensions...mainly because we no longer use TFS at work. But, I still use it for my own personal projects...because it's a great platform for managing all aspects of a project, and for collaboration.

When I logged into my Google Developer Dashboard, I noticed how many people use the plugin (over 300 installs), so I figured it was time to add some requested features, and fix some glaring issues:

Experimental On-premise support
As I don't have an on-premise server to test this on, that's why this is marked as experimental.  The plugin will always remain in-line with the cloud-based chat service (with some exceptions), so the plugin is not guaranteed to work with on-premise instances.  If it's something I can easily work around, I'll gladly add code to do so.

Capitalization fix for VSO team room
In 1.1.2 (released a couple days ago), I merged a fix to address variable capitalization changes in recent versions of the TFS Chat Room.  With the new experimental on-premise support, I realized that most customers may not be running the latest version with the capitalization changes, so I added backwards compatibility.

Changeset identification
In versions prior to 1.1.3, you could specify a changeset by using #c1234.  As I found out quite a few times, url's like "" causes the URL to become " ontent".  So, to identify changesets now, use ##c1234.  Also, the URL's now open up in a new window/tab.

If anyone has issues with the plugin, feel free to report them to my Github page, and I'll fix them as time allows.  If you have the ability to fix it, I will gladly accept merge requests for review.

Happy Halloween folks!